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Supporting youth digital entrepreneurship - Beeline& ENACTUS project

Supporting youth digital entrepreneurship
We organized a special contest of Beeline&Enactus digital startups.

Since 2021, the company conducts business incubation for the contest participants.15 youth startups from 2018 received support from the company in the form of cash grants (in the amount of 9,200,000 tenge). In total, students and schoolchildren from more than 40 universities and schools of the country took part in the competition during this time. One of the teams - recipients of grants from Beeline, reached the semifinals of the Enactus World Cup.

2022 in Business Collaboration Forum the company allocated a grant: for the “Best Social Project” to the team of KSU named after Korkyt Ata, for the project “S'eber” - 500 000 tenge, for the “Best Commercial Project” from KBTU “Jas wallet” - 500 000 tenge and to the winner team of NISH FMN Taldykorgan, a grant of 1 000 000 tenge for the project “See the future”.