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Developing the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas

Development of Hub Schools in Rural Areas project
The company allocated 2 billion tenge for the realization of the project “Development of the potential of reference schools in rural areas”.

The project was implemented jointly with the FURO and Kazakhstan Khalkyna funds. Within the framework of the project the material and technical equipment of 8 rural schools was completely renewed. On average, the amount of one contract per school amounted to 249,825,000 tenge. In total, about 250 classrooms were renewed in 7 schools. The average amount of expenditures per 1 child in the project amounted to 329 thousand tenge. The project will help 13 thousand children, and more than 4000 of them will study in schools equipped by Beeline:

1. Dosov General Education School of Katarkol village, Akmola region
2. Multidisciplinary Kazakh school-gymnasium, Ayagoz, Abay region
3. Markakol School No.1, East Kazakhstan Oblast
4. Secondary school named after E. Sikymov, Zhetysu Province
5. Secondary school No. 5, Aksai, West-Kazakhstan region
6. Uritskaya secondary school No.1, Sarykol village, Kostanay region
7. Ulytau comprehensive secondary school No.1, Ulytau village, Ulytau region
8. O. Zhanibekov General Secondary Boarding Lyceum No. 4, Shaulder village, Turkestan region

On May 27, the project won in the category “Best Project for Community Development” of the annual award of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan.

On November 2, the project won in the “CSR” category of the Eurasian Business Association of Kazakhstan (Eurobak) award.