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500 million tenge of aid for the construction of houses in Maktaaral

house building aid
“Beeline Kazakhstan” allocated more than 500 million tenge to the Birgemiz fund, which was created to support the country's population in pandemic conditions for the construction of houses in Mactaaral.

204 million tenge was transferred for construction of houses in villages of Maktaaral district of Turkestan region, which suffered from flooding in May. Earlier, 312 million tenge was allocated by the company for the same purpose.

“In the first days after the flooding, more than 4,500 residents of the villages of Zhenis, Zhana Turmys, Nurly Zhol, Dostyk, Ferdowsi and Orgebas, who were in the disaster zone, immediately received our support in the form of free communication and internet. However, the most important need is housing: many houses have become unusable or need major repairs. On the previously allocated 312 million tenge in Makhtaaral the construction of 20 houses is already being completed, 12 more houses will be built on the money of the second tranche", - says Yevgeny Nastradin, Chief Executive Officer of Beeline Kazakhstan.

“Currently, the state is providing all the necessary assistance to the flood-affected compatriots, and work is being actively carried out to eliminate its consequences. Before the onset of cold weather all residents of settlements should be provided with new or repaired housing. The assistance of business companies in such a noble cause is very important, and on behalf of the fund I thank Beeline Kazakhstan for its contribution and support,” - said the chairman of the public fund ‘Birgemiz’ Ruslan Sakeev.

Recall that on May 2, there was a breach of one of the dams of the Sardoba reservoir in western Uzbekistan. As a result of the breach, several villages in Turkestan region of Kazakhstan were severely flooded and more than 22 thousand residents were evacuated.

* Public Foundation “Birgemiz” was established on March 20, 2020 on the initiative of the First President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev to provide assistance to socially vulnerable population in the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic