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Eight rural schools upgraded to top standards

Eight rural schools upgraded to better standards
April 14, 2023, Astana. Eight rural schools in several regions of the country have been improved with funds from Beeline Kazakhstan to the standards of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

This was done within the framework of the project “Development of the potential of core schools in rural areas”, implemented by the Qazakhstan Halkyna Fund* and the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Education (FURO)*.

At the beginning of 2022, Beeline contributed 2 billion tenge to the newly created “Qazakhstan Halkyna” fund. By the terms of the Agreement, the company itself determined the project to charitable tranche allocated.

“Since 2020, in coolaboration with our partners, we have been implementing the “250+” project, through the mobile Internet and communications from Beeline have already appeared in more than 1,500 villages. Now the residents of these villages have equal opportunities for access to the Internet as the city. The project for the development of anchor schools also contributes to the creation of equal opportunities, providing rural children with access to high-quality competitive education. More than 4,500 children are studying in the schools updated with our money alone; even more rural children will receive new opportunities as part of the entire program as a whole. And we are glad that our charitable contribution helps the implementation of this important initiative,” comments Evgeniy Nastradin, Chief Executive Officer of Beeline Kazakhstan.

The company has updated the material and technical equipment of the following schools:

1. "Comprehensive school named after Dosov" PSE, Katarkol village, Akmola region

2. "Markakol Secondary School №1" PSE, East Kazakhstan region

3. “Uritskaya secondary school №1” PSE, Kostanay region

4. "Comprehensive school №5" PSE, Aksai, West Kazakhstan region

5. "General boarding school №4 named after O. Zhanibekov” PSE, Turkestan region

6. "Multidisciplinary Kazakh school-gymnasium" PSE, Ayagoz, Abay region

7. “Comprehensive secondary school №1” PSE, Ulytau, Ulytau region

8. "Secondary school named after E. Sikymov" PSE, Zhansugurovo village, Zhetysu region

Schools have been brought up to NIS standards and are equipped with newly modified classrooms, modern STEM laboratories, art studios, equipped with workshops for labor lessons, areas for development: playing chess, drawing, assembling construction sets.

“We have approached the problem of rural education systematically. There should be no differences in education between urban and rural children. The goal of the project is to create core schools in rural areas, which will become centers of competence for other rural schools in the region and will help improve the quality of teaching in these schools, especially in small ones. Now we plan to expand the transfer of knowledge and create flagship rural schools in other regions and single-industry towns,” said Bolat Zhamishev, Chairman of the Board of the Qazakhstan Halkyna Fund.

“I would like to express my words of gratitude and appreciation to the Qazakhstan Halkyna Fund, the donor of the project, Beeline Kazakhstan, and all partners of the program. The project involves the efforts and resources of many people and organizations and is truly important in a social sense, since we set an ambitious but very real goal - reducing the gap between the level of education in rural and urban areas. This is possible only with the active unification of all participants: the state, residents of the regions, and business. It is important to note that the project is not only about material and technical equipment and renovation, it is a long-term program for 10-15 years - to transfer the NIS methodology to rural schools, and in the future with the prospect of these schools transferring experience to other educational institutions, including small schools. With the creation in these schools of a center of village life, a center of gravity,” says Daniyar Toktarbaev, director of the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Education.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.