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About Us

Beeline Kazakhstan Corporate Fund
About us

Beeline Kazakhstan's corporate fund “Zhyly Zhurek Foundation” was established in November 2023. Our social responsibility policy is focused on achieving long-term results and is implemented through three key areas:

  • Empowering country’s Education system. Kazakhstan needs acceleration of educational system. For 10 years a significant proportion of 15-year-old Kazakhstani students have failed to pass the functional literacy level – PISA. The main reason is the gap between city and rural schools. We focus on creating conditions for the maximum number of people to receive a quality education;
  • Emergencies. Recurring emergencies are forcing us to broaden the focus of our philanthropy and social responsibility. Our customers need to be connected with loved ones during challenging times;
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Our products and services need to be accessible for everyone. We need inclusive culture across all levels (from our service to websites and digital apps development) that embraces and celebrates all kinds of differences.

Before the foundation was established, the company had a corporate volunteer program.

The volunteer program “Zhyly Zhurek” (before 2014 - “Responsive Hearts”) has been operating in Beeline Kazakhstan since 2008. Within the framework of the program the company's employees help sponsored social institutions, hold clean-up days, plant trees, raise funds for the treatment of sick children. Each employee can come up with an idea for a social or charitable action.

Every year more than 50 Beeline employees participate in a charity bike ride organized by the “Asyl Miras” Foundation. All funds collected for participation in the race are transferred by the Foundation to provide modern medical equipment for children's hospitals.

Our employees organize holidays and gift collection, hold master classes and other educational events in sponsored social institutions, including orphanages, centers and schools for children with disabilities, boarding schools for orphans and gifted children.

On New Year's Eve 2015 in every region of the country in sponsored orphanages, the Company's employees organized holiday matinees and the “Gift from Santa Claus” campaign, fulfilling the dreams of children left without parental care.

In 2015, the Company's employees became volunteers of the Life Line republican social project supported by the Company. Within its framework, all veterans of World War II in Kazakhstan were provided with special mobile devices with a built-in button for urgent call of emergency services.

In 2021, we donated furniture and equipment to the children's institution “Ark”, supported more than 50 large families, 16 orphanages and rehabilitation centers, organized a charity marathon among employees in support of the PF Association of Parents of Autistic Children in Karaganda.

We held a special contest of digital startups Beeline&Enactus, business incubator, and allocated grants to the best projects.

Since 2014 we have been implementing “Unlimited Opportunities”, within the framework of which 20 social institutions for children and adults with disabilities in all regions of the country annually use free internet from Beeline for the amount of 72 million tenge.

We built 50 houses to support flood-affected residents of the town of Maktaaral.

In 2022, we allocated 2 billion tenge for the charitable project “Capacity Building of Rural Reference Schools”.

Since 2014, we have allocated more than 4.9 billion tenge for social investments and charity.

During major emergencies, the company provides free communication services to support the relief efforts of customers and engaged professionals such as paramedics and rescue workers.